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How do students sign up and join classes?

At schools with schoolwide licenses to Flocabulary, students can sign up and join classes. Students only need one account, but they can join multiple classes with that account. 

Note that teachers need to create a class first, before students can sign up.

If you'd like, you can distribute this handout to students with directions on how to join the class. Be sure to write in your class code before you copy it.

Are you using Google Classroom?  Please check out this article for details on how to get started.


Start Here:

1. Go to the Join a Class page. To access this page, visit the Flocabulary homepage ( and click Join a Class in the upper right. Make sure you are logged out to see this option.


Or, you can visit this page directly at Note that visiting this page will automatically log you out. 

If a student is already logged in, they can click Assignments, and then select Join a Class in the upper right of this section.


2. Enter the class code and click Submit. 


3. Select the appropriate option depending on whether the student is new to Flocabulary or already has an account. Remember, students only need one account but can be in multiple classes. They should not create a new account each time they join a class. 


4a. If the student is new to Flocabulary, they should then enter a username, password, first name, and last name.

(If teachers and administrators don't want students to enter their full names, they can instruct them to enter initials or X's as desired. Just make sure that teachers and administrators will have enough information to identify students.)

If your students use Google or Office 365 accounts, they should click the Google or 365 icon. A popup should appear so that they can provide their log in credentials. This will create their account and put them in the appropriate class in one step. 


4b. If the student already has an account, they should first sign in.  Once logged in the student can hover over their name and click "My Classes".  They can then click the "Join Class" button which will allow them to enter the class code, and adds them to your class automatically.



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