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Getting Started: Admin (Manager) Guide

Thanks for bringing Flocabulary to your school! You'll be the person in charge of managing your school's Flocabulary implementation. Follow the instructions below to start using Flocabulary today and get your whole school on board! We'll guide you through how to:

  • Set up your account
  • Invite teachers to sign up
  • Have teachers set up classes and have students sign up

If this is your first time at, we recommend that you start by watching our overview video at, and then return to get started.

1. Set up your Flocabulary manager account

Once we process your payment, we'll set up your school or district subscription. You'll receive an email from Flocabulary with instructions for setting up your personal account as a manager. Follow these instructions. 


2. Invite Teachers

Invite teachers to sign up for Flocabulary. Once you have set up your account and logged in, go to the My School section (find it by clicking your name in the upper right). Click on your school, and follow the instructions in the Invite Teachers section. 



3. Monitor Teacher Adoption

You can monitor teacher sign-up in the Manage Teachers section. See Active teachers, and teachers whose invitations are still Pending




4. Class and Student Set Up

With a schoolwide subscription, you can get all your students using Flocabulary as well. Instruct teachers to set up classes and have students create accounts. See the Teacher Quick Start Guide. If you are a teacher, you can also follow these instructions to set up your classes. 

Students only need one account, but can be in multiple classes. If students will be using Flocabulary in multiple classes at your school, we recommend coordinating amongst your teachers so that students only create accounts one time. E.g., Students could create accounts when they sign up for their ELA classes. All other teachers would instruct students to then use their existing login. This way you won't end up with duplicate student accounts. 


5. Monitor Schoolwide Adoption

Monitor class setup in the Classes tab. Monitor student sign-up in the Students tab. 


To learn about all the tools available to you as the school Flocabulary manager, review the support articles about School and Subscription Management


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