Getting Started: Admin (Manager) Guide



Welcome to Flocabulary! In this article, we will look at:

If this is your first time at, we recommend that you start by watching our overview video.


Set up your Flocabulary manager account

Once we process your payment, we'll set up your school or district subscription. You'll receive an email from Flocabulary with instructions for setting up your personal account as a manager. Follow the instructions in the email to activate your account.


Invite Teachers

Your teachers can be added to Flocabulary in two ways.

  • Roster with Clever
  • Invite teachers to join with your activation link

If you are interested in rostering with Clever, more information can be found in the linked article. This will roster both teachers and students into your Flocabulary account.

If you will be inviting teachers to join with your school or district's unique activation link, you will need to forward that information on to your staff. You will receive information in the initial email that you receive when your account is activated, but if you need to find the activation link you can find it by logging into your account, clicking your name in the upper right corner, and selecting My School. 


Click on your school. Note that if you are part of multiple schools, you will see them listed in this section along with your role for each school.


You will see the “Invite Teachers” tab. You can choose between 3 options:

  • Select Gmail to pull in your contacts or add email addresses manually.
  • Copy your activation link and email it to teachers on your own.



Monitor Teacher Adoption and Student, Classroom Creation

You can monitor teacher sign-up in the Manage Teachers tab. Here you can add other teachers as managers or remove them from the subscription. Under the Students tab, you can view all students rostered into your Flocabulary account. The My Classes tab will allow you to see the classes that have been created by any teachers in your school or district. Information on integrations with learning management systems can be found in the Integrations tab. 





Class and Student Set Up

With a school or district subscription, students can have Flocabulary accounts to allow them to complete Flocabulary lessons and activities independently. Instruct teachers to set up classes and have students create accounts and join their teacher's class. Students only need one account and can be enrolled in multiple classes.

Note: if you set up an LTI integration with your LMS, students do not need to create accounts. They can then simply join your teachers’ classes via a class code. If teachers create their classes by importing from Google Classroom, student accounts will automatically be created and there will be no steps needed for student to complete. 

Teachers and students can access our full suite of step-by-step help guides at the links below:



Flocabulary users that have subscription manager status for school accounts or small districts will be sent a usage report for your school or district monthly on the 4th day of the month for activity up until the previous month.   More information on accessing and reading your usage reports can be found here.

You can receive more detailed usage reports or reports for larger district accounts by reaching out to your school or district's Customer Success Manager. If you are unsure who your Customer Success Manager is, you can reach out to for assistance.

Vocabulary Analytics

Administrators on district-wide Flocabulary Plus accounts have access to analytics dashboards to track student vocabulary acquisition through Flocabulary. These dashboards provide insights into vocabulary exposure and proficiency across the curriculum, enable comparison of schools and classes within the district, and help identify areas where educators can focus to accelerate learning. More information on navigating your analytics dashboard can be found here.


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