Clever Integration


The Flocabulary and Clever partnership provides schools and districts with an easy and secure way to roster and sign-in to, saving teachers valuable instructional time. Half of U.S. K-12 schools trust Clever to connect and manage data across learning applications. Clever is Flocabulary’s preferred rostering and SSO partner.

With this partnership, administrators and teachers can expect:

  • Easy, secure rostering: connect the Flocabulary app to your school or district’s Clever Portal to generate staff and student accounts–no class codes or email signup required
  • Single Sign-On: staff and students can access Flocabulary through their Clever portal–no need to remember a separate username or password
  • App management: as a Clever partner, Flocabulary joins a community of learning apps streamlining how students and teachers access digital tools through the Clever Portal

We offer both teacher and student rostering through Clever. To initiate this process, please reach out to your district Clever admin to complete the following:

  1. Connect with Flocabulary over the Clever platform.
  2. Share your school’s data with Flocabulary.

Please let Flocabulary Support know when those two steps are completed so we can set up the sync and notify you upon completion. 

If you have additional questions, please contact us.

Clever and Google Classroom Considerations

  • We recommend Districts that are rostering with Clever use Clever-generated classes only in order to prevent the creation of duplicate classes and duplicate teacher/student accounts. 
  • Clever classes cannot be archived, they will be replaced after the nightly Clever sync.
  • Clever does not “match” Clever classes to corresponding Google Classroom classes. Importing from Google Classroom will create an additional, separate set of classes for the teacher.
  • All users should be instructed to access Flocabulary directly through their Clever Portal. 
  • The Clever sync removes any users that are not on a school roster in the Clever data from Flocabulary during the sync each night. 
  • Tips for using Clever and Google Classroom Together:
    • Name Google Classroom classes differently than those in Clever to make it easier to select when creating assignments.
    • Make sure that the students emails and rosters being used in Google Classroom are the same as those in Clever
    • Google Classroom classes will have a "Sync Roster" button on them in the class list in Flocabulary, which is an indication that they come from Google Classroom.
    • Due to Clever being the main rostering tool, Clever may attempt to disconnect any other rostering connections on a Flocabulary account. In the event this should occur, any existing Google Classroom-imported classes that share the same students as the newly imported Clever classes would have data for students removed when the Clever sync runs. To restore data teachers will need to unarchive the class and resync it by clicking the green “Sync Roster” button. This will restore all students and data.
    • When rostering with Clever, sharing Flocabulary assignments for 
    • Clever-synced classes via Google Classroom is not recommended, as this will prompt students to log in through the Flocabulary website instead of their Clever portal.

Learn more about our Google Classroom and Flocabulary Integration here!



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