Create a Flocabulary Mix Lesson


Flocabulary Mix is a new feature that guides students through a close viewing and analysis of Flocabulary videos. Included in a Flocabulary Mix Lesson is a new activity called Break It Down. Break It Down is an analysis activity designed to help students develop and practice comprehension strategies and habits of evidence gathering. Let's get started with creating a Flocabulary Mix Lesson. 

In this article we will cover the following:

A mix lesson will pair two types of videos to create an original Flocabulary Mix Lesson. 

Skill Videos are short videos that feature a host providing direct instruction (spoken, not rapped) of key comprehension skills, including main idea, making inferences, theme, author’s purpose, and characters.

Video Texts are hip-hop videos made to be analyzed using the featured skills. These engaging nonfiction and fiction hip-hop videos cover diverse topics ranging from science and social studies to original and existing fiction, art, technology, and music.

Note: This feature is available to teachers with a school or district Flocabulary Plus license only. To learn more about our license types, click HERE


Create a new Flocabulary Mix Lesson

1. Click Mixes at the top of your Flocabulary home page. Choose "Create a Mix" to get started or choose "Favorite Mixes" to find one you built previously.


2. Search by grade and/or skill to locate a Skill Video. Review available videos. Click on the video to see a preview.  


3. Select the Skill Video for the first video in the Mix. 

Screenshot 2023-09-01 at 12.18.24 PM.png


4. Review the Video Text options available. Select a video text to pair with your skill video.  Click the video to preview. 


5. Preview the video. Click Cancel to go back and preview a different video. Click Finish and Create Mix to add the video that meets the needs of your students and the learning situation. 



6. Review your original Flocabulary Mix Lesson.

7. Share the Mix from the front of the room with the whole group or assign to individual students to complete independently. If the lesson is assigned, student responses can be found in the Assignments section of that student's class.


A Flocabulary Mix Lesson includes all of the engaging activities available in all Flocabulary lessons. 


Favoriting your Flocabulary Mix Lesson

When you are finished creating your Flocabulary Mix Lesson, be sure to make it a favorite to use later.

Click the star in the top right corner above the video.  


Reuse your favorite lessons for review and additional practice. You can find you favorite Flocabulary Mix Lessons on the Mixes page. 



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