Viewing and Completing Assignments (Students)


Once you have an account on Flocabulary, you can easily view assignments or find videos on topics that you are interested in. Watch the video below to learn how to navigate the Flocabulary website to view and complete assignments.

In this article, we will look at how students can use Flocabulary to:

View Assignments

Once logged in to Flocabulary, you can access your assignments either by hovering over the Assignments tab at the top of the screen or by looking at the list on the right side of the page.


If you hover over the Assignments tab, the three assignments with the closest due dates will be shown. The number in the blue square next to Assignments tells you the total number of lessons you still have to complete. You can click on any of the assignments to view it, or select "See all assignments" to see the full list.


You can also view same three assignments in the Assignments area on the right side of the screen. Click on "View all" to see the full list of assignments.


When viewing all assignments, you can click on the Classes list on the left side to view your assignments for a specific teacher. You can also click on To Do, Done, or Overdue to see assignments by category.


Each assignment will show which activities have been assigned by the teacher. If the assignment has a due date, you will see the date under the title of the lesson. Activities that have been completed will have green circle with a check and activities that still need to be finished will have a yellow circle. To complete a lesson, hover over the lesson and click on the blue "Go" button.


When you select the assignment that you want to view, it will open the lesson and a pop up will show you all of the activities that have been assigned. Click on Continue to work on the activities.


Complete Assignments

Once you open a lesson that has been assigned to you, you will see a green circle next to any activities you have already completed and a yellow circle next to any activities that have not been finished. Simply click on the activity you want to work on.


For information on how to complete each of the individual activities, view the Flocabulary Activities article.

Search and Browse for Videos

You can also search and browse for Flocabulary videos independently, even if they haven't been assigned by your teacher.

Once logged into your Flocabulary account, you click search for videos by clicking on the magnifying glass and typing in a topic you would like to learn about. Press enter to see if there are any Flocabulary videos on that topic. Click on any video to open the lesson.


You can browse videos by category as well. From the home page, you can hover over the Lessons tab and select a category. A set of subcategories will appear. Click on one that interests you to see all of the lessons in that category.


Another way to browse is to click on the categories on the bottom left from the home screen. Click on the subject you would like to explore.


Select a subcategory.


All videos for that topic will be shown. Click on any lesson to view the video and activities.


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