Using the Flocabulary Activities (Students)


Each Flocabulary video comes with a set of activities to help you practice with the key vocabulary words. In this article, we will look at how you can use each of the activities, including:

Teachers can assign activities for students to complete, or you can look for videos on your own and complete the activities independently for practice. If you aren't sure how to see what activities have been assigned, you can learn more in the Viewing and Completing Assignments article.


Each Flocabulary lesson starts with a video. The videos will introduce you to new vocabulary words through rap and hip-hop music. When you select any lesson, it will take you to the video. You can navigate back to the video from any point in the lesson by clicking on the video tab from the left navigation. You can click anywhere on the video to play it.


Video Speed

You can change the speed of the video to make it slower. When the video begins, hover over the video screen and click on "Original Speed" in the upper right-hand corner to adjust the speed to "Slower" or "Slowest".


The speed box will disappear when you are watching the video so that it doesn't block the screen. When you move your mouse, it will come back in view so you can change your selection.

Video Lyrics

You can view the song lyrics by clicking on "Lyrics" under the video on the bottom left. 


This will bring the lyrics up on the screen. You can read through the lyrics on their own, or you can click on the play button at the top to listen to the song while you read. You can scroll down to view the full lyrics and click the "X" in the top right corner to close the lyrics and go back to the video.


Any of the vocabulary words from the lesson will appear in blue text. You can click on any of the vocabulary words to bring up the Vocab Card for that word.


Quick Review

The Quick Review will bring up questions for you to practice understanding of the topic after watching the video. Click on "Quick Review" under the video on the bottom left.* The questions will appear in flashcard format. The first question will show. Click on "Show Answer" to see the correct response. Then click on "Next" to continue to the second question. Once you complete the quick review, click on the "X" in the top right corner to close and go back to the main video screen.


* Note: Quick review is not available for all videos. It is an older feature that is no longer included, so newer Flocabulary lessons will not have the Quick Review option.


Vocab Cards

Vocab Cards allow you to practice with the vocabulary words through writing and drawing. You can complete assigned Vocab Cards that your teacher has chosen or you have the ability to complete Vocab Cards on your own for any Flocabulary lesson. 

You can find the Vocab Cards by clicking on the link to the left of the video. 


Once in the Vocab Cards section of the lesson, you will see individual cards for each of the vocabulary words for the lesson. Click on any of the individual cards to open it. 



The card will provide the word, part of speech, definition, and a sentence using the word. Some Vocab Cards will also include synonyms/antonyms and an image. You can click on "Next" to navigate to the different vocabulary words for the lesson. At the bottom of each card, you will see the options to "Write with this word" and "Draw".


When selecting "Write with this word" the card will flip and you will see a space to use the word in a sentence or give an example to show you understand the meaning. There are colors along the top to change the background and a "Start writing here" prompt to show where to type. Once a response is typed, you can click "Save." 


If you select "Draw" the card will flip again and you will see a space to create a visual representation of the word. There are tools along the left side of the screen, including a pen, eraser, line, shapes, text, and undo and redo buttons. You can change colors by using the tools on the right. Once a drawing is completed, you can click "Save." 



Vocab Game

The Vocab Game is an additional way to practice a lesson’s vocabulary. Using a drag and drop activity, you will match the lesson's vocabulary words to images or definitions, complete sentences, or finding the synonym to build a beat.  

You can find the Vocab Game by clicking on the link to the left of the video. 


Once the Vocab Game opens, you can click on the blue "Start" button to play with music, or complete the activity with no sound by choosing "Play without Music."


You can always toggle the music on or off by clicking on the speaker icon in the bottom left corner of the activity screen.


To complete the activity, drag one of the colored circles onto the text or image in the center of the activity to try to match the correct vocabulary word.


If the answer is correct, a circle will fill along the top and a point will be added to the score. If enough correct answers are chosen to fill in an instrument icon, a new instrument will be added to the beat.


If the answer is incorrect, a red X will appear and the correct answer will be identified. Click on the blue arrow to move to the next question.


The Vocab Game is complete once all of the questions are answered.


Read & Respond

The Read & Respond activity has short reading passages and practice questions based on the lesson topic. The questions will only show up if your teachers has assigned the activity. If your teacher has not assigned the activity, you will be able to read the passages, but won't be able to answer the questions. If the activity has been assigned, you will see both the passages and the questions.

You can find the Read & Respond activity by clicking on the link to the left of the video. 


A short passage will appear for each question followed by a multiple choice question. You can read the passage independently or use the Microsoft Immersive Reader Integration for extra help. Click on the letter for the answer you would like to select. Once an answer is selected, you must confirm your answer to see if it was correct or incorrect.


If the question was answered correctly, you will see a green check and feedback will be shown to explain why this answer was correct. If the question was answered incorrectly, you will see a red X and the correct answer will be identified with the feedback.


Use the Back, Next, and Skip buttons to move through the questions in the activity.



The Read & Respond activity is complete once all of the questions are answered.



The Quiz activity is only available if it has been assigned by the teacher. Each Flocabulary video has a quiz to practice with the vocabulary words from that lesson. Each quiz has 10 multiple-choice questions, except for the Word Up vocabulary quizzes for grades 6-8 which have 20 questions.

If your teacher assigns the Quiz activity, you can find the Quiz by clicking on the link to the left of the video. 



Once the Quiz opens, the first question will appear along with the answer choices. 



Questions and answers can be read independently, or you can have the quiz question and answer choices read aloud, translated, and more by clicking on the Microsoft Immersive Reader icon at the top of any Quiz question.



Once an answer is selected, the Next button will allow you to move forward to the next question.



You can see progress through the questions at the top of the screen and use the Back and Next buttons to move to the different questions. Once a question has been answered, clicking on the gray circle for that question in the progress bar will bring you back to that question.



Once all of the questions in the Quiz have been answered, the Submit Quiz button will appear.



Once the Quiz has been submitted, a final score will be shown. You can click on Review Your Answers to look through the results starting at question 1 or use the green checks or red Xs to review a specific question.



When reviewing a question that was answered incorrectly, the selected answer will be highlighted in red and the correct answer will be highlighted in green.



Lyric Lab

The Lyric Lab activity gives you the opportunity to create your own rhymes using the vocabulary words covered in the lesson. 

You can find the Lyric Lab by clicking on the link to the left of the video. 



Once the Lyric Lab activity is selected, the first thing you will see is a welcome message and the prompt for the activity. Click "Start" to begin.


The first step will appear on the screen asking you to think of a fact or detail about the lesson topic and to write that line in the space provided. The vocabulary words for the lesson will be listed on the top left corner of the activity screen.


If you use any vocabulary words, they will be highlighted in the Vocab Words box and in the rhyme. Once the first line is finished, click "Get Rhymes."


Step 2 will now appear on the screen and there will be a new space to write the next line of the rhyme. Suggested rhyming words will appear to the right of the rhyme. These words are generated based on the last word in line 1. 


The second step will ask you to pick one of the rhyming words or come up with your own to continue the rhyme. Write a new line, making sure to end it with a word that rhymes with the last word of line 1. Once the next line is finished, click "Next."


The third step asks you to write another short line about the topic, but this one doesn't have to rhyme with the last two lines. Once the third line is finished, click "Get Rhymes."


A list of suggested rhyming words will again be shown. This will repeat every other line for the remainder of the activity. Once four or more lines are added, the steps will be hidden. You can always hide and show the steps by clicking on link in the steps box.


Your work will automatically be saved as you enter each line. If your teacher has assigned the Lyric Lab activity, click the Submit button in the top right corner to send your rhyme over to their teacher.


Clicking on the icon next to "Saved" will allow you to download a PDF version of the rhyme that you created.


If you want to practice their speaking and rapping skills, the Lyric Lab also has a list of beats that can be played while you practice reading your rhymes independently or to a group. Select from one of the 20+ beats in the drop down list and then click on the play button. The audio timeline can be used to move forward or backwards along the beat.


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