Teacher Resources


Any teacher with a Flocabulary subscription has access to the Teacher Resources, which can be found on every lesson. The resources provide teachers with an overview of the lesson, additional printable activities to complement the lessons, and information on standards alignment. 

To access these features, click on Teacher Resources on top of the video to view this section.


In this article, we will look at the following:


The overview provides a recommended grade level or grade level band, a short description of the lesson, and a list of the vocabulary words that are the focus of the lesson. These are the vocabulary words that will be introduced in the video and practiced in each of the activities.



Clicking on the handouts tab will take you to printable activities that you can use to support the lesson. From quick skill review worksheets to more interactive and creative activities, they are great to incorporate into any unit. Using handouts in conjunction with the lesson builds upon the content that students are learning, and gives students a chance to interact with the subject on paper.


At the top of the handouts section, you will see a printable activity in PDF form. You can scroll through the pages to preview the document, and then use the Download and Answer Key buttons on the top right to save a copy of both the student activity and the answer key to your local computer.


Scroll down below the printable activity to access additional printable resources, including:

  • Lyrics
  • Fill in the blanks
  • Vocab cards
  • Read and respond (including answer key)
  • Quiz (including answer key)


Standards Alignment

If you used a standards search to find the lesson, you will find those standards listed by clicking on Standards Alignment.


If you did not use a standards search to find the lesson, you will see a message with a link to help you find the alignment to your state standards. Learn more about how to use the standards alignment to search for lessons on Flocabulary


Additional resources

In addition to the video specific resources above, Flocabulary has additional resources that can be used to extend student learning beyond the website. Click on the links below to access these additional resources.

  • Graphic organizers - These organizers will help your students dive deep into the subject. Resources include a note taking chart, metacognition activity, KWL, Venn diagram, and more!
  • Writing Academic Rhymes - There are a wealth of resources available to help you guide your students to develop higher-order thinking skills through high-interest writing. Once students have listened to Flocabulary songs and learned information in any subject area, they can synthesize what they've learned by writing their own rhymes.
  • Word Up project resources - These are resources to support the Word Up videos, meant to support the teaching of Tier 2 vocabulary words.
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