Using the Video


Each Flocabulary lesson starts with a video. The videos present academic content in a highly engaging, contemporary format. The focus of the video is to introduce and/or review Tier 2 and Tier 3 academic vocabulary related to the lesson topic.


When you select any lesson from a Flocabulary search, it will take you to the video by default. You can navigate back to the video from any point in the lesson by clicking on the video tab from the left navigation. You can click anywhere on the video to play it. 


You can also access supporting video features to support or extend the learning, such as:

Video Speed

Adjusting video speed can be a great modification to meet various instructional needs. When the video begins, hover over the video screen and click on "Original Speed" in the upper right-hand corner to adjust the speed. "Slower" brings the video to 85% speed and "Slowest" brings the video to 75% speed.


The speed adjustment box will disappear when you are watching the video so that it doesn't block the screen. When you move your mouse, it will come back in view so you can change your selection.

Recommendations for adjusting the speed

Here are some ideas of how you might use the adjusted speed feature to support student learning.

  • Watch the video at full speed first. Then, slow down key sections that you want students to focus on.
  • Slow the video speed for students to practice reading along with the lyrics.
  • Work individually or in small groups with students who would benefit from additional time to comprehend language and content.
  • If students are trying to learn the lyrics, recommend that they review at slower speeds and sing along.



You can view the lyrics in text mode by clicking on "Lyrics" under the video on the bottom left. The lyrics can be used to support student's reading vocabulary, fluency and comprehension.


This will bring the lyrics up on the screen. You can read through the lyrics on their own, or you can click on the play button at the top to listen to the audio version of the song. You can scroll down to view the full lyrics and click the "X" in the top right corner to close the lyrics and go back to the video.


Any of the vocabulary words from the lesson will appear in blue text. You can click on any of the vocabulary words to bring up the Vocab Card for that word.



Quick Review

Quick Review questions are a quick check for understanding after watching the video. Click on "Quick Review" under the video on the bottom left.* The questions will appear in flashcard format. The first question will show to allow the class to discuss what the answer. Click on "Show Answer" to see the correct response. Then click on "Next" to continue to the second question. Once you complete the quick review, click on the "X" in the top right corner to close and go back to the main video screen.


* Note: Quick review is not available for all videos. It is a legacy feature that was replaced with Discuss mode, so newer Flocabulary lessons will not have the Quick Review option.


Discuss Mode

Discuss mode displays prompts and questions at specific points during the video to facilitate further discussion and exploration of the content. To turn on Discuss mode, set the toggle below the video on the lower right side of the video to on. Yellow indicates Discuss mode is on and gray indicates it is off.


Once you turn Discuss mode on, a message will appear on the video explaining that the video will pause at key moments to provide questions for discussion and exploration of the topic. You can click on play to start the video from the beginning or click on the arrow to skip ahead to the first question.


Yellow circles will appear along the video timeline to show where the discussion questions will appear. You can watch the video live and it will automatically pause once it reaches the yellow circles. You can also click on "Next" to skip the video and move to the next discussion question.


The question will automatically appear on the bottom screen. You can then lead a class discussion around the prompt by using strategies such as popcorn questions, turn and talk, the Socrative method or just calling on volunteers to share.


After discussing each question, you can click "Resume" to continue playing the video from that point, or use the "Next" and "Back" buttons to navigate to the different discussion questions.



Learn how you can extend student learning beyond the videos using the recommended Flocabulary lesson sequence.

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