Using the Vocab Game


The Vocab Game is an additional way for students to practice a lesson’s vocabulary through multiple contexts. Using a drag and drop activity, students match the lesson's vocabulary words to images or definitions, complete sentences, or finding the synonym to build a beat.  


You can find the Vocab Game by clicking on the link to the left of the video. 


Once the Vocab Game opens, you can click on the blue "Start" button to play with music, or complete the activity with no sound by choosing "Play without Music."


You can always toggle the music on or off by clicking on the speaker icon in the bottom left corner of the activity screen.


To complete the activity, drag one of the colored circles onto the text or image in the center of the activity to try to match the correct vocabulary word.


If the answer is correct, a circle will fill along the top and a point will be added to the score. If enough correct answers are chosen to fill in an instrument icon, a new instrument will be added to the beat.


If they get the answer incorrect, they will see a red X appear and the correct answer will be identified. They can then click on the blue arrow to move to the next question.


The Vocab Game is complete once all of the questions are answered. If the Vocab Game is assigned to students, a score will automatically be calculated and can be found in the Assignments section of that student's class.

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