Using the Vocab Cards


Vocab Cards allow students to make meaning and build knowledge of the vocabulary words through writing and drawing. You can assign specific Vocab Cards for students to complete and students also have the ability to complete Vocab Cards on their own. Teachers can also model how to use the Vocab Cards or do an interactive writing lesson with students through the teacher account and sharing your screen, either through a video conferencing tool or a projector.

In this article, we will cover the following:

Using the Vocab Cards

You can find the Vocab Cards by clicking on the link to the left of the video. 


Once in the Vocab Cards section of the lesson, you will see individual cards for each of the vocabulary words listed in the Teacher Resources section of the lesson. This will look the same both for teacher accounts and student accounts with a Flocabulary School or District license. 


From the Vocab Cards screen, you can click on any of the individual cards to open it. The card will provide the word, part of speech, definition, and a sentence using the word. Some Vocab Cards will also include synonyms/antonyms and an image. You can click on "Next" to navigate to the different vocabulary words for the lesson. At the bottom of each card, you will see the options to "Write with this word" and "Draw".


When selecting "Write with this word" the card will flip and you will see a space to use the word in a sentence or give an example to show you understand the meaning. There are colors along the top to change the background and a "Start writing here" prompt to show where to type. Once a response is typed, you can click "Save." 


If you select "Draw" the card will flip again and you will see a space to create a visual representation of the word. There are tools along the left side of the screen, including a pen, eraser, line, shapes, text, and undo and redo buttons. You can change colors by using the tools on the right. Once a drawing is completed, you can click "Save." 


For classrooms on a Flocabulary Lite plan, the teacher can pull up the Vocab Cards for modeling and whole group or small group lessons, but cannot assign to students.


Assigning the Vocab Cards

When creating an assignment, you can customize the Vocab Cards activities to select which words you want to assign to the students. From the activities screen, click on the text where it says the number of cards and uncheck the box next to any vocabulary word that you don't want the students to complete.


For classrooms on a Flocabulary Lite plan, the teacher can pull up the Vocab Cards but cannot assign to students.

Reviewing Student Vocab Card Submissions

If you assign the Vocab Cards for students to complete, you can review their submissions in the assignments section of your classes. You will see a blue "Grade" button for any student who has submitted their Vocab Cards. Click on "Grade" to view that student's Vocab Cards.


In the Vocab Cards section, you will see details from students who have submitted this activity. You can see each card the student completed, including both the written response and the drawing.


You can select a grade from the four choices and provide comments for each card. No credit will calculate as 0%, check- will calculate as 70%, check will calculate as 85%, and check+ will calculate as 100%. The total grade will automatically be calculated based on how you grade each card. 


Use the "previous card" and "next card" options to view and assess each Vocab Card assigned in the activity.


Once you assign a grade to each card, a total percentage grade will be calculated and will appear at the top and on the assignment. You will also see the grade reflected on the assignment summary screen.

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