Flocabulary and Google Classroom Integration


Teachers with school or district licenses to Flocabulary can import their classes directly from Google Classroom and easily share assignments to these classes on Google Classroom.

In this article, we will look at how you can:

Import from Google Classroom

You can easily create accounts for all of their students with no need for class codes using the import a class option with the Google Classroom integration. This also allows students to use Google Single Sign-On to access Flocabulary.

From the Flocabulary homepage, click on "My Classes" at the top of the page and then click the green "Import Classes" button.


A pop-up will appear. Select the email address associated with your Google Classroom account and grant Flocabulary permission to access your Google Classroom information.


Select the class(es) you want to import to Flocabulary and click “Submit.”


You will see an Import Complete message appear once the import is done. You will now see your class under the My Classes tab in Flocabulary. To sync your roster with Flocabulary again at any time, click the Sync Roster button on your class or in the Manage Class tab for that class.



Send assignments to Google Classroom

Once you import your Google Classroom roster into Flocabulary, you can send a link to a Flocabulary assignment straight to Google Classroom. You can create assignments from Flocabulary lesson pages or from within a class in My Classes. 

First, ensure you have pop-ups enabled in your browser. Then select the class and activities you would like to assign.

You’ll see a toggle that lets you indicate whether or not you’d like to share your assignment(s) to Google Classroom. If you’d like to share the assignments, keep the toggle on. If not, turn it off. If you turn it off, the assignments will not be shared to Classroom. 



We’ll save your preference for the next time you create an assignment. You can change your preference at any time by setting the toggle on or off when creating another assignment.

Click “Create Assignment.” At this point, you will be asked to select the email address for your Google Classroom account. The first time you do this, you’ll also have to grant Flocabulary permission to manage your Google coursework. If this does not work, make sure you have pop-ups enabled in your browser, refresh the page, and try again.


After selecting your email address and granting permission, you’ll see a message letting you know that the assignments are being created and shared to Classroom, and another message when the process is complete.


Access assignments in Google Classroom

When you log into Google Classroom, you’ll then see the Flocabulary assignment posted in your classes’ Stream and Coursework pages. The title, scheduled date, and due date (if applicable) will be copied from Flocabulary. If you select individual student(s) for the assignment on Flocabulary, only those students will see the assignment on Google Classroom.



When students log into Google Classroom, they will see the assignment in their Stream and Coursework tabs on the scheduled date. When they click the link, they’ll be redirected to Flocabulary and prompted to sign in. They will then complete the assignment on Flocabulary. 




Special Considerations

This integration supports the initial sharing and access to the assignment. There are some features that are not included:

  • When students complete the assignment on Flocabulary, it will not register as “turned in” on Google Classroom. Students can go to the assignment on Google Classroom and mark it as “done” when they complete the assignment on Flocabulary. 
  • Only the details included in the assignment when it is initially created on Flocabulary will be shared to Google Classroom. If you change the due date, delete, or add/remove students from the assignment on Flocabulary later, these changes will not be reflected on Google Classroom. Likewise, if you make changes to the assignment on Google Classroom, they will not be reflected on Flocabulary.
  • The grade field for the assignment on Google Classroom will say “ungraded.” Grades on activities in Flocabulary will not be passed to Google Classroom. You can view student results from the Flocabulary website.
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