Creating Assignments For Individual Students


This feature empowers teachers to differentiate instruction with Flocabulary, enabling you to:

  • Assign different lessons to different students at different levels in a class
  • Assign different activities on a lesson to different students in a class (also promoting student choice)
  • Create individualized assignments to be used for makeup work or extra credit

Step 1: Click the 'Assign' button on the lesson you would like to assign to your class.


Step 2: Hover over the class that you want to pick students from and click 'Select Students'


Step 3: Select the appropriate student(s) within a class that you'd like to create an assignment for. Then click 'Save Selection'. 



Step 4: Continue selecting any other students within other classes that you'd like to create an assignment for. Once done click 'Select Activities and Dates'.



Step 5: Select the activities you would like to assign to the classes for this lesson. You can also select when you would like the assignment to be visible, as well as a due date if appropriate.


Note: When you click 'Create Assignment,' separate, identical assignments will be created for each class selected. These assignments are still treated as separate and each housed under the appropriate class in 'My Classes'.




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