Elementary Filter Overview



With the Elementary Filter, teachers can ensure that Flocabulary’s youngest users (students in grades K-5) cannot independently discover sensitive content.

While all of Flocabulary’s standards-aligned units are developed for the classroom, not all content may be suited for every age. The elementary filter allows teachers to block student discovery of content that covers sensitive topics. The functionality is simple: when the elementary filter is turned “on” students will not see mature units (i.e. covering war, violence or literature that discusses adult themes) unless a teacher assigns one of these units. The elementary filter defaults to “on” with any 5th-grade class or below. Teachers have the ability to turn it “off” or enable it for any class grades 6 and up. 


How do I use the Elementary Filter?

While creating a class: For grades 5 and below, the elementary filter will be visible and default to on, but it can be manually turned off. For grades 6 and above, the elementary filter will not appear during class creation.

While importing a class through Google Classroom: Google Classroom does not collect grade information for classes so the elementary filter defaults to off when a class is synced. You can manually turn on the elementary filter in the “Manage Class” panel.

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Clever sync: the first time we sync a Clever class, we will turn the elementary filter on (for grades 5 and below) or off (for grades 6 and above). Adjust your settings through the “Manage Class” tab of your chosen class by following the steps below.   

How can I enable the Elementary Filter for an existing class?

Regardless of how the class was created or the grade level of the class, the elementary filter can be turned on or off in the Manage Class view.

Step 1: Once you’ve logged into Flocabulary, hover over your name in the top right corner and select “My Classes” in the drop-down menu.

Step 2: From the “My Classes” page, click on the class that you’d like to enable the elementary filter for. Then click on the tab labeled “Manage Class.”

Step 3: From the “Manage Class” page, click on the button labeled “Edit Class”

Step 4: In the “Edit Class” view, you’ll see a section for “Elementary Filter.” You can toggle the switch to turn the setting on or off for students in this class. 

How can I tell which of my students have this tool enabled?

If a student is enrolled in any class where the elementary filter is turned off, the student will be able to see all content on the site.

Step 1: Select an existing class from the “My Classes” page.

Step 2: From the “My Classes” page, click on the “Students” tab to see a list of all the students in your class. There’s a column labeled “Elementary Filter” where you can see whether a specific student has the elementary filter enabled or disabled.

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Note: If a student is any class where the elementary filter is turned off, the student will be able to see all content on the site.

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