Creating Lesson Assignments


Teachers can assign lessons in Flocabulary to allow students to study and practice the key content, skills and vocabulary words from the lesson. Each Flocabulary lesson includes six activities aligned to Bloom's Taxonomy using the Flocabulary lesson sequence. These activities can be assigned to an entire class, small groups, or individual students. Teachers can track student assignments in Flocabulary to monitor progress and provide feedback.

In this article, we will look at how you can:

Watch this video to learn how to create assignments on Flocabulary.

*Note: The Break it Down activity is only available to teachers and students on Flocabulary Plus school and district plans

Create an assignment from the lesson page

1. From any lesson in the library click on "Assign" in the upper left hand corner.


2. Select the class or classes you want to assign to. You can select one class, multiple classes, or even individual students for an assignment. Select the box next to each class that you want to assign the lesson. Then click "Select Activities and Dates."


3. You can then select the activities you want to assign (Video, Vocab Cards, Vocab Game, Break it Down, Read & Respond, Quiz, and/or Lyric Lab). Students can be assigned one or more activities for each lesson.


4. You can customize the Vocab Cards and Lyric Lab activities. For the Vocab Cards, click on the text where it says the number of cards and uncheck the box next to any vocabulary word that you don't want the students to complete.


5. For the Lyric Lab, you can customize the prompt students will see when completing the activity. After selecting the Lyric Lab activity, click on "Customize Prompt" and adjust the text in the text box to meet your needs.


6. Once you have selected your activities and customized the Vocab Cards and/or Lyric Lab, you can select the visible date (when the assignment will become available for students) and the due date. Selecting dates is optional. Finally, you will click on "Create Assignment" once you have made all of your selections.


7. Students will then be able to view the assignment when they log into their Flocabulary account. Teachers can view student progress from the My Classes section.


Create a lesson assignment from the class page

You can also create an assignment from a class page in My Classes.

1. Select a class from the My Class page and click “Assign Lesson” from the Assignments tab. 



2. Then select the students that you want to assign the activities. You can assign to all students in the class or select individual students to complete the activities.


3. After selecting the students, you will select the lesson that you want to assign. Type the name of the lesson you want to assign and choose it from the dropdown list. Then click "Select Activities and Dates."


4. Select the activities you want to assign. Choose a visible date and due date (optional) and select "Create Assignment."



Assign lesson activities to individual students

You can differentiate on Flocabulary by assigning different lessons and activities to different students based on their needs.

1. When creating the assignment, once you select the class(es), click on "#/# Students Selected."


2. This will bring up a list of all students in the class. Here you can select the students you want to assign the activities to by checking or unchecking the boxes next to each students name. Once you select all of the students, click "Save Selection".


3. You will then be able to select the activities to assign, the visible date, and the due date. The assignment will only show up for those students who you selected in this step.


Sending assignments to Google Classroom

If you imported your Google Classroom roster into Flocabulary, you can send a link to a Flocabulary assignment straight to Google Classroom.

1. When creating an assignment, you will see a "Share assignment to Google Classroom" option. If you enable this option, students will be able to log into Google Classroom to easily access Flocabulary assignments.


2. When you log into Google Classroom, you’ll then see the Flocabulary assignment posted in your classes’ Stream and Coursework pages. The title, scheduled date, and due date (if applicable) will be copied from Flocabulary. If you select individual student(s) for the assignment on Flocabulary, only those students will see the assignment on Google Classroom.


3. When students log into Google Classroom, they will see the assignment in their Stream and Coursework tabs on the scheduled date. When they click the link, they’ll be redirected to Flocabulary and prompted to sign in. They will then complete the assignment on Flocabulary. 



Please note:

This integration supports the initial sharing and access to the assignment. There are some features that are not included:

  • When students complete the assignment on Flocabulary, it will not register as “turned in” on Google Classroom. Students can go to the assignment on Google Classroom and mark it as “done” when they complete the assignment on Flocabulary. 
  • Only the details included in the assignment when it is initially created on Flocabulary will be shared to Google Classroom. If you change the due date, delete, or add/remove students from the assignment on Flocabulary later, these changes will not be reflected on Google Classroom. Likewise, if you make changes to the assignment on Google Classroom, they will not be reflected on Flocabulary.
  • The grade field for the assignment on Google Classroom will say “ungraded.” Grades on activities in Flocabulary will not be passed to Google Classroom. You can view student results from the Flocabulary website.

Changing or Deleting Assignments

Once you've created an assignment you can edit or delete it!

1. From the assignment tab from "My Classes", click the three dots next to "export scores" on the assignment that you want to edit or delete.


2. Click either "edit assignment" or "delete assignment". 

3. If you delete an assignment, it will be removed from all students' accounts that have it assigned. You also will no longer be able to review the data.

4. When you edit an assignment you can change the due date or what activities are assigned.

Note: If students have started the assignment, you will not be able to edit the assignment beyond changing the due date


Creating Personalized Vocab Practice Assignments

Teachers on Flocabulary Plus plans can also assign personalized vocab practice sets to students. To learn more about assigning vocab practice, click here.

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