Create an Assignment


Assignments allow students to engage, master and create Flocabulary content. Assignments can consist of videos, Vocab Cards, Read & Respond, Quizzes and Lyric Lab activities.

To begin, assignments can either be created from the unit page or through the ‘My Classes’ dashboard:

1. Click 'Assign'

On any lesson in the library click on 'Assign' in the upper left hand corner.


2. Select the classes or students you want to assign to

You can select one class, multiple classes, or even individual students for an assignment. For more details on assigning to multiple classes click here. For more details on assigning to individual students, click here.




3. Select the activities and dates

  • Choose the activities you want to assign (Video, Vocab Cards, Vocab Game, Read & Respond, Quiz, and/or Lyric Lab)
  • Note that you can customize the vocab cards by choosing specific words. You can also customize Lyric Lab by providing specific instructions for students (i.e. write four lines about the selected key terms).
  • Choose a due date and/or a date you’d like the assignment to be visible (both optional).
  • Click on ‘Create assignment.’ You’ll see a bar saying ‘Assignment successfully created.’


You can also create an assignment from a class page in My Classes. To do this, click “Create an Assignment” on a class page. Then select the students you want to assign to, the lesson, and the activities.


4. Monitor the assignment

You can also monitor assignment progress and see when students submit each assigned activity in the class on your 'My Classes' dashboard.


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