How to find content on Flocabulary


Flocabulary has hundreds of K-12 lessons for a variety and subject areas. Watch the video below for an overview of how you can search for content on Flocabulary.

In this article, we will look at the following ways that you can search for Flocabulary lessons.


Browse by category

You can find content by searching our subject tabs on the Flocabulary home page. First, select the subject area and then choose your subtopic. This will provide you with the full list of Flocabulary lessons for that category. The lists are ordered by grade level, with early elementary grades showing at the top of the list and high school grades showing at the bottom. Click on any video to preview it in more detail.


You can also browse by category by hovering over the Lessons tab at the top of any page on Flocabulary and selecting the subject area and subtopic from the screen.


Refine your search further by filtering by grade and lesson type.

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Keyword search

You can also find content by using the search bar, either under the Subject tabs or next to My Classes.


Type in the keyword for a lesson topic or unit that you will be teaching. Any lessons that have that word in the lyrics will show up. For example, if you’re starting a unit on the planets, simply type in “planet” and all of our videos that contain the word “planet” in the lyrics will appear in the search results. From there, you can click on any video to find one that best fits your lesson.

Refine your search further by filtering by grade and lesson type.

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Standards alignment

Another way to find content is by using our standards alignment tool. From the Flocabulary home page, click on Standards Alignment from the search screen. From there you will be able to select All Standards to search by state or Common Core State Standards for ELA and math.


All standards

If you choose All Standards, select the standards/state, subject, and grade level that you want to view and select "Search."


If you want to search by a specific team within the standards, click on "Advanced Options" and enter the term you would like to highlight.


A list of the standards you selected will appear. The results will be shown by standard. Click on "Correlations" next to any standard to see a list of the lesson titles correlated to that standard. Clicking on any title will open that lesson in a new tab.


Common Core State Standards

If you choose to use the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) alignment, each standard will be listed with a description and the number of correlated lessons. Clicking on the number of lessons will provide a list of the lessons. Click on any lesson to open it in a new tab.


You can navigate to the different grades by clicking on the links on the left side of the CCSS alignment screen.


Current events

The Week in Rap or Week in Rap Junior provide students with lessons to learn about current events. These lessons include stories to engage students while teaching them about American and world news. The Week in Rap is geared towards grades 6-12 while the Week in Rap Junior is geared towards grades 3-5.

When building these lessons, we look for stories that:

  • Spark meaningful discussion and critical thought
  • Relate to learning standards
  • Relate to students’ lives
  • Are major news items
  • Offer a glimpse at the wider world

You can find current events lessons from the Lessons drop-down menu at the top of your Flocabulary account.


You can also find current events lessons on the home page. Scroll down and you will see current events under "My Classes." You can scroll through the videos using the arrow to the right of the screen.


You can switch between Week in Rap and Week in Rap Junior by clicking on the link on the top right of the current events section.


Preview Content

Get a quick peek at the description of the lesson and vocabulary words by clicking on ‘Preview Details’ on the lesson tile.

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Additional ways to find content

On the bottom of your Flocabulary home page, there are additional ways that you can find relevant videos. After logging into your account, scroll down to see the following sections:



Flocabulary will recommend titles for you based on the grade level and subject areas you list in your teacher profile. You can change your preferences to update the recommendations by clicking on "Change My Preferences" at the top right of the Recommendations section.


Recently watched

Find lessons that you have recently viewed in this section. Click on any of your recently watched lessons to navigate to that lesson page.



You can also find content by adding lessons to your favorites. On the Flocabulary home screen, you’ll see a carousel of all of your favorited lessons. You can easily find them here if you plan on using them in the future. You can view all of your favorite lessons by clicking on "View All Favorites" on the top right of the favorites section.


If you’re watching a video and want to add it to your favorite Flocabulary lessons, simply select “Add to Favorites” on the lesson page.


Month by month

At the bottom of the page, you can see recommended lessons by month. This will list lessons that are relevant to a specific time of year, such as holidays, seasonal content, historic events, etc. You can click on any month to see the recommended lessons for that month and then select the topic to open up that lesson. Clicking on the "View Lesson Plans" tab will provide additional information to support the monthly lessons.



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