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The key to success with the Flocab Lesson Sequence is to explore! We offer so many resources to support student learning beyond the video. Make sure to explore the lesson sequence as you prep and see which activities are best for your students.

  1. Watch the Video. Watch it again.

Flocabulary presents academic content in a highly-engaging, contemporary format. Videos let the topic speak for itself, providing students with both visual and aural exposure. And videos aren't only for introducing new topics: Use them to review and provide ongoing enrichment as well.

NEW: If a video has Pause and Play, prompts and questions appear at specific points during the video to facilitate further discussion and exploration of the content. You can toggle this feature on and off as needed! 

  1. Quick Review

After watching the video, check for student understanding using these quick, topical questions. “Popcorn” around the room or get competitive by splitting your students into teams to answer questions as a class.


  1. Lyric Notes

Deepen student learning beyond what’s presented in the lyrics. Each highlighted lyric links to an annotation with standards-aligned reading and can include images, definitions, and discussion questions. Week in Rap Lyric Notes include links to outside news sources! 

  1. Read and Respond

This assignable feature provides short, assignable reading passages and practice questions that are based on content presented in the unit’s video and lyrics. Read & Respond passages include both fiction and nonfiction texts, giving students additional reading practice in a format that mirrors high stakes tests.

  1. Fill in the Blanks

Test students’ recall of key terms from the lyrics using our interactive Fill in the Blanks activity, or print out the Fill in the Blanks worksheet beforehand to use as a focusing tool for students while they watch the video.

  1. Printable Activity

After your students are familiar with the content presented in the lesson, use the printable activity either as an independent exercise or group work. Download the Printable Activity to find writing exercises, word problems, and extra practice.


  1. Quiz

 Finish off the lesson with a multiple-choice formative assessment. Our questions test not only student knowledge of the video content, but also content in the interactive lyrics and activities. They’re great state test-prep too!

  1. Lyric Lab

 Encourage students to write their own academic rhymes through this lesson extension exercise! Lyric Lab is now part of every Flocab lesson sequence, placing writing and creativity at your students’ fingertips.

In addition to the lesson sequence, be sure to check out Handouts, Lesson Plans, and Teacher’s Guide for more resources like key term lists and standards alignment!



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