How can I slow down a video?



Teachers and students alike can now slow down every Flocabulary video to improve comprehension, focus on specific ideas and make it easier for students to read along! 

1. How to Slow Down the Video

When the video begins, hover over and click on "Original Speed" in the upper right-hand corner to adjust the speed. "Slower" brings the video to 85% speed, and "Slowest" brings the video to 75% speed.



The speed adjustment box will disappear when you're watching the video so that it doesn't block the screen. When you move your mouse it will come back in view so you can change your selection.

2. Recommended Ways to Use the Speed Adjustment with your Students

Watch the video at full speed first. Then, slow down key sections you want students to focus on.
Slow down video speeds for students to practice reading along with the lyrics.
Work individually or in small groups with students who would benefit from additional time to comprehend language and content.
If students are trying to learn the lyrics, recommend that they review at slower speeds and sing along.

Note: This feature is available in all modern browsers. If you are not seeing this available, try a different browser or get in touch with us.  

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