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How do you recommend administering the quiz?

Teachers have versatile options for administering the Flocabulary Quiz, and each of these modes of administration can be used for a pre-test, end-of-unit test, or a mid-unit check for understanding.

Here are a few ways you can administer it:

1. Assign to students and have them take it in class or in the computer lab.

For the most secure implementation of the quiz, you can assign the quiz when your students get to class. (As soon as a quiz is assigned, students will be able to take it.) Students can then log in on their individual devices and take the quiz.

Students are able to to view video and interactive lyric content during the quiz, so you should instruct them as to whether or not they should stay on the quiz tab during quiz-taking (or if it is more of an 'open book' check for understanding). If you don't want them to leave the quiz tab, we recommend monitoring their screens during the administration of the quiz.

This option is only available for schoolwide subscriptions that have enabled student accounts.

2. Print the quiz

If you'd like students to take the quiz in a more formal environment, you can print it and hand it out to students. This option is also available to teachers who do not have the schoolwide subscription. (Unfortunately, the printed quiz can't be autograded).

3. Assign the quiz for homework or independent work

If you'd like to have students work more independently, you can assign the quiz for homework or independent work. You could watch the video as a class, or assign all the elements (video, interactive lyrics, fill-in-the-blanks) to students on their own. They can then log into their account on any device, and you'll see when they've completed it.


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