Do I have to assign a quiz to the whole class? Can I assign to individual students?


The quiz assignment process requires you to assign a quiz to an entire class at a time. 

If you are differentiating instruction with Flocabulary, or if you only want some students to do the quiz, there are 2 ways to achieve this. 

1. Separate classes for differentiated instruction groups

If you have groups in your class that are consistently working at different levels, you can set them up as separate classes in Flocabulary, and this will allow you to set up separate assignments for each group.

For example, if you have 1 class, but students are consistently working in groups at 3 different reading levels, you could set up a Flocabulary "class" for each group, and manage those assignments separately. 


2. Add or remove individual students from assignments

Once you create an assignment, you can add or remove individual students from the assignment. Note that you must do this before students take the quiz. 

Unassign from single student

Go into the Summary tab on the Assignments view. Hover over a student, and select the Unassign from student option. This student will no longer be notified to complete this assignment.


You can repeat this process as many times as needed until only the desired students remain in the assignment group. 


Reassign to single student

If a student is in a class, but does not have a particular assignment, they'll appear at the bottom of the summary view. (Students will appear here if you have unassigned a quiz from them, or if they joined the class after an assignment was created.)

Hover over their name, and click the blue plus sign button. The student will now be included in the assignment, and will be notified to complete it. 




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