Summer 2015 Student Assessments & Account Transition Guide


If you are a Flocabulary customer with a schoolwide subscription, you'll have access to some exciting new features for the start of the 2015-2016 school year. 

We'll be introducing multiple-choice quizzes for every video. Along with the quizzes, teachers will have a new dashboard to assign quizzes and track student results. These features will not only allow you to quickly assess student knowledge, but will also serve as a powerful diagnostic tool for planning, differentiation and intervention. 

All schoolwide subscriptions purchased before Summer 2015 have a shared student username that all students can use to log in. That shared username will continue to work for logging in and watching videos. But, to power the new teacher dashboard, you’ll need to set up individual student accounts so teachers can assign quizzes and track individual student results.

As your school's Flocabulary manger, you have a couple options:

1. Enable the new features (teacher dashboard, assignable quizzes, individual student accounts):

If you are your school's Flocabulary manager, you'll have to get in touch with us to enable these features on at your school. We'll turn these features on for your school, and then help guide you through the set-up process. 

Note that your school's shared student username will continue to work after enabling these features. It is possible for some teachers to set up their class dashboard and individual student accounts, while others can just continue using the shared student username. 

2. No changes, and continue to use shared student username

If you don't want to use the assessment and tracking features (and the individual student accounts that power these features), you don't have to do anything. Your school's shared student username will continue to work as it always has. 



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