How does the Comprehension Analysis tool work?


The Comprehension Analysis tool allows you to quickly identify areas of understanding and areas that need review. Use Flocabulary quizzes as formative assessments and inform further instruction by using these diagnostic tools.  

Make sure to read our overview article on reviewing students' results as well.  

1. Start by scanning the top section to quickly see the percentage of the class that got each question right. The height of the bars indicates the percentage correct across the class. E.g., in the example below, 90% of the class got Question 5 correct, but only 60% got Question 1 correct. 


2. Click on a single column to see the question and answer choices. In the example below, only 65% of the class answered correctly about the word "dew." Scan the incorrect answers to see if there was a common wrong answer that might indicate a similar misunderstanding. 

3. Use the information to reteach commonly missed concepts and differentiate instruction as needed. 

Have students go back to the video and the interactive lyrics to review the concepts they missed. 

If some students understood all key concepts, while others did not, break the class into groups and have some move on to another video, while others review. 

4. Re-assign the quiz to track student improvement. You can assign the same quiz again and see how student comprehension has improved. 

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