How do I see my students' results for online activities?


Learn more about who can see students' quiz scores.


How will you know which students have completed their assignments? Which assignables are auto-graded? How do you grade Lyric Lab? Check out this guide for more info on analyzing student results!


  1. Go to My Classes


While logged into your teacher account, click on the My Classes section that appears at the top of the page.




  1. Click on the class you want to see


  1. Find the assignment


If the assignment due date is today or in the future, you will find it under Current Assignments. If the due date is the past, find it under Past Assignments.  


Click “View” to view results.


  1. Move between 3 different tabs to view student results


  1. Summary: This view displays your class roster and indicates which students completed which assignments.


Quizzes and Read and Responds are graded for you. If you assigned the video, the green circle indicates that the student watched the video all the way through. If you see open gray circles next to a student’s name, it means they haven’t completed the assignment:

  1. Individual Review: This view allows you to view student scores individually. This is also the view where you can grade Lyric Lab assignments.


  1. Comprehension Analysis: This view gives you a question-by-question view into how all your students did on Quizzes and Read and Responds.


If a question is highlighted in green, it means students got it right; if it shows up gray, students got it wrong. This is a great way to identify gaps in understanding and skill mastery across your class.


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