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Getting Started: Student Guide


Welcome to your Flocabulary subscription! This guide will help you get up and running in a few minutes.

We'll tell you everything you need to know to:

  • Sign up or join a new class
  • Find your way around the website.
  • Complete your assignments

Is this your first time at, we recommend that you start by watching our overview video at, and then return to get started.


Sign Up or Join a New Class

1. To create your Flocabulary account, you need to get a class code from your teacher. It is 6 digits long.

2. Once you have the class code, visit or just click Join a Class on the top of the website. You'll be taken to a page that looks like this. 


3. Enter your class code in Step 1. In Step 2, you have two options.

  • If you've NEVER made a Flocabulary account before, click "I'm new to Flocabulary." This will let you make a new account in Step 3.
  • If you've EVER joined a class before (this means you've seen this page before), select "I already have a Flocabulary account." If you pick this, in Step 3 you will just enter your username and password from the last time you signed up for a class. 

You're in! If you have more than one teacher using Flocabulary, you'll need to fill out this form for each class. Remember: You only need one username for and you can use it to join all your classes.

Now that you have your account, you can log in on any device by visiting and clicking "Sign In"


Find Your Way Around the Website

Now that you have a Flocabulary account, you can watch any video you'd like on any device at any time. Find videos you're interested in by:

  1. Clicking on a Subject
  2. Selecting a Topic
  3. Selecting a Video
  4. Hitting play!

You can also search for a video on the top of the page.


Complete Your Assignments

1. You'll know you have an assignment when you see a number next to Assignments at the top of the page. (You have to be logged in to see this.)

2. Click on Assignments, and then click on your assignment in the list of "To Dos"


3. Before you take the quiz, makes sure you've watched the video, practiced with Quick Review, read the Interactive Lyrics, and completed Fill in the Blanks. 

Then you're ready to take the quiz. 

Click Start Quiz and then answer all the questions. Make sure to hit Submit at the end.

4. When you've finished the quiz. You'll immediately get your score. You can review your answers to see what you got right, and what you need some more practice on.

5. You can review all your old assignment by clicking on Done in the My Assignments section.


Enjoy Flocabulary!

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