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Getting Started: Teacher Guide

Welcome to Flocabulary! Follow the steps below to get started using Flocabulary in your classroom today. We'll guide you through how to:

  • Create your account
  • Create your classes
  • Get students signed up
  • Assign videos, activities, quizzes to your students
  • View their results

If this is your first time at, we recommend that you start by watching our overview video at, and then return to get started.


1. Create your account

You'll receive instructions from your school's Flocabulary manager about how to sign up and join your school's subscription. Follow these instructions and you'll be guided through the steps to create your account.

Note that even if you have already created an account on Flocabulary, you should still go through this process. This process will link your account up with your school's subscription.



If you have a school-wide (site level) subscription, you can create classes and have your students sign up as well.

2. Create a class

Go to My Classes. (You can find this by clicking your name in the upper right.) Click Add Class and enter a class name, subject, and grade. When you create the class, you'll get a unique code for that class to allow students to join it. You can create as many classes as you'd like.


3. Students sign up

Using the unique class code, students should sign up and join your class by following the steps at  You can give students this printout with instructions.

You can find more information on the student sign-up process in the Student Quick Start Guide.

Note that students only need one account, but can be in multiple classes. If students will be using Flocabulary in multiple classes at your school, we recommend coordinating amongst your teachers so that students only create accounts one time. E.g., Students could create accounts when they sign up for their ELA classes. All other teachers would instruct students to then use their existing login. This way you won't end up with duplicate student accounts. 


4. Assign Videos, Activities, and Quizzes

With a school-wide subscription, students can access Flocabulary on their own with guidance from the teacher. Assign videos, activities and quizzes to your kids for more individualized instruction and measure their progress on content.

To assign a video, activity, or quiz to your students, go to any unit, and click on “add assignment.” Then, select the class you’d like to assign the work to.

How to Assign Videos, Activities, and Quizzes

In the pop up box that appears, name the assignment and assign a due date. Choose the type of assignment (video, Read and Respond, quiz, or Lyric Lab).

5. Review results

You can see how your students performed on assignments by going back to My Classes. Once in your selected class, you’ll be able to view results including a summary of the whole class, individual students, and get a comprehension analysis.

How to View Results

Whole Class

Click on the Summary tab to view information about your students’ progress in completing assignments as well as their grades. If a student has submitted their assignment, a green circle will appear. If the assignment is gradable (ex. Quiz or Read and Respond), the percentage correct will appear.

Individual Students

Click on Individual Review to view individual results including how students performed on individual questions. Note that the individual students report will display results only for students who have completed the assignment.

Comprehension Analysis

To get a bird’s eye view of the whole class, click on comprehension analysis. This will give you an idea of how the class performed on each individual question, and will allow you to target specific questions for reteaching content in small groups. Note that the comprehension analysis will display results only for students who have completed the assignment.



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