How do I prepare my students for the Flocabulary Quiz? What do I need to teach?


Flocabulary quizzes cover content from all parts of the Flocabulary experience, including:

  • The Video and it's Lyrics
  • Lyric Notes
  • Read and Respond
  • Key Terms featured in Fill-in-the-Blanks

If you're using the quiz as a measurement of learning (as opposed to a pre-test), we recommend that before students take the quiz, they should watch the video at least once, read through the lyric notes and practice vocabulary with fill-in-the-blanks.

Before taking the quiz, students can review key facts in the lyrics with Quick Review.

Each of these elements in available in the tabs on the video page. Information found in the informational text boxes in the lyrics notes is tested on the quiz.

To find the informational text boxes, click on the blue lyrics.


In the boxes, students can practice various reading skills such as making improvements to their fluency while gaining deeper context for the lyrics.



Lyric Notes can also be printed. Just click on "Lyric Notes" on the side bar for a printed version of the informational text boxes.


This is what they look like when printed:


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