What can the subscription manager do? What are they responsible for?


The Flocabulary subscription manager at a school is the person managing the Flocabulary implementation. The manager plays an important role in a successful Flocabulary implementation, as they are responsible for:

  • disseminating information about how to sign up and get started
  • monitoring adoption in the school
  • removing inactive users in order to keep users lists up-to-date. 

Note that there can be more than one manager at a school. 

Manager privileges include the ability to:

  • See all teachers, students, and classes associated with the school's subscription
  • Invite new teachers to sign up 
  • Remove teachers
  • Edit student account information
  • Reset student password
  • Delete student accounts
  • See classes and class rosters at the school

The rest of the articles in this section provide more detail about each of these manager privileges. 

All of the manager tools are accessible in the My School section. You can find this by clicking your name in the upper right. 

If you manage more than one school, you'll see the schools listed here in this section, and you can click on any school to get into that school's specific management view.


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