How do I add or remove manager privileges?


If you are the school's Flocabulary subscription manager, you can make other teachers or administrators managers as well. 

Note that all managers at a school have the same level of privileges, and can remove other managers. All managers can see, edit, and remove all teacher and student users on your school's subscription. 

1. Go My School.

2. Select the school you want to manage.

3. Go to the Manage Teachers tab.

4. Look at the Manager column to see who is already a manager. They will have the blue circle filled in. E.g., in the screenshot below, Stephanie Williams is already a manager, but William Ramos is not. 

5. Click an empty circle in the Manager column to make someone a manager. Click a filled in circle to remove manager status from someone. 

6. You'll be asked to confirm your changes to the user's manager status. 



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