Can a student take a quiz more than once?


A student can attempt a quiz more than once. This feature will allow teachers to offer students multiple tries on activities, and it will allow them to see growth if the student scores better on a subsequent try.

When you assign the Vocab Game, Read & Respond and/or Quiz to students and students complete them, you will then have the option to click to reassign each of those activities.

Step 1:

Navigate to the assignment you wish to re-assign clicking on the My Classes tab. Next click on the assignment. 

Step 2:

Once a student has submitted an assignment an arrow will appear next to the score which allows you to reassign.


Step 3:

Select a due date. If the original assignment had a due date, you must put in a due date for the retake. If the original assignment didn’t have a due date, you won't have the option to put in a due date for the retake.


If you give the student a personal due date that is different than the assignment’s, it will appear under the student’s name in blue:


An open bubble will replace that student’s score to indicate that the activity has been reassigned. The student’s original score is viewable via the dropdown arrow that appears next to the open bubble:


Before the student has begun the retake, you can delete the reassignment in case you made a mistake, by hovering over the open bubble and clicking the X that appears. Once the student has begun the retake, it cannot be deleted.




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