How do I assign a quiz?


Assign Videos, Activities, and Quizzes

With a school-wide subscription, students can access Flocabulary on their own with guidance from the teacher. Assign videos, activities and quizzes to your kids for more individualized instruction and measure their progress on content.

How to Assign Videos, Activities, and Quizzes

To assign a video, activity, or quiz to your students, go to any unit, and click on “Add Assignment.” Then, select the class you’d like to assign the work to.

In the pop up box that appears, name the assignment and assign a due date. Choose the type of assignment (video, Read and Respond, quiz, or Lyric Lab).


OR you can assign through your ‘My Classes’ dashboard. Simply select the class you want to assign to, then click ‘Create An Assignment’.  You will then get the pop up box above that allows you to customize the assignment.


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