Quiz Overview


Interactive Quizzes -- Powerful Data

Every Flocabulary video has a quiz that you can assign to your students and use assess knowledge and diagnose needs for differentiation.


The Quizzes

As students go through the Flocabulary lesson sequence, they’ll take an interactive quiz to test their comprehension. The quizzes are:

  • Multiple-choice
  • Standards-aligned
  • Auto-graded
  • Printable

Each quiz has 10 questions and is intended as a formative assessment.



In the teacher dashboard, you can set up classes or student groups then quickly assign videos and quizzes to students. Use it to:

  • Assign homework
  • Create in-class activities
  • Set up student groups for differentiated instruction
  • Support blended learning


Results Reporting

Our teacher dashboard includes several handy reports to check in on assignment progress and view students’ quiz performance. The teacher dashboard displays both real-time student results and aggregate class scores that give recommendations for specific areas for improvement. Teachers can review student results by class (comprehension analysis - shown below), by quiz, or by student.


With these reporting tools, you can:

  • Learn class strengths and weaknesses
  • Develop early interventions
  • Differentiate instruction on the individual student level
  • Plan targeted lessons



Who can access the quiz?

Teachers on schoolwide licenses can assign quizzes to students in order to track results.

Teachers on other paid subscription types can access quiz content to use as a front-of-classroom review tool. They can also print the quiz and hand it out to students. But they cannot assign quizzes to students online and see results.



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