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How do I invite teachers to sign up?

Inviting Teachers

For teachers to sign up, the school's Flocabulary manager must first invite them. 

To invite teachers:

1. Go to My School

2. Select the school subscription you want to invite teachers to. 

3. On the Invite Teachers tab, you'll see instructions for inviting teachers in 2 ways. You can either share the school's unique registration link or send email invitations directly to them. 

 4. If you use the email invitation option, you can check the status of the invitations and see whether teacher have signed up. Go to Manage Teachers, and toggle to Pending. This will show teachers that have not yet signed up or accepted the invitation. If you go to Active, you will see confirmed teachers who have signed up. 

Teacher Sign-Up

Once teachers have been invited, they'll be taken to a registration page and guided through the following steps of the sign-up process.

1. Enter email address

2. Enter additional account information, including setting their password. 

Note that if a teacher already has a Flocabulary login, they should still follow the registration process to join their school's subscription. Instead of creating a new account, they'll be prompted to enter their existing password. 




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