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How do I create a class?

At schools with schoolwide licenses to Flocabulary, teachers can create classes to have their students sign up, and track individual results.

To create a class:

1. Go to the My Classes section. You can find this by clicking your name in the upper right, and then selecting My Classes. 



2. Click Create a Class.  Using Google Classroom?  Please click here for the guide on how to set up your classes.


 3. Give the class a name, grade level, and subject. Remember, students will see the class name when they sign up. You can also enable the text to speech tool for your class, click here for more information on this feature. If you are registered at more than one school, you can also select which school this class belongs to. Click Create a New Class to complete the step.  



4. You'll see a confirmation screen. Students can sign up using the class code


For more information on how students can join your class, please use our student guide here

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