Navigating Vocabulary Analytics for Teachers


Teachers on Flocabulary Plus accounts have access to analytics dashboards to track student vocabulary acquisition through Flocabulary. These dashboards provide insights into vocabulary exposure and proficiency across the curriculum and highlight trends in comprehension. Read on to learn how to navigate your analytics dashboard!

Vocabulary Powering Comprehension Across the Curriculum

When you navigate to a class within “My Classes,” you’ll see a new tab, “Vocab Analytics.” Click here for insights into students’ vocabulary proficiency!

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Both general academic and subject-specific vocabulary words are included in every Flocabulary lesson. As students watch Flocabulary videos and complete all of the additional activities (Vocab Cards, Vocab Game, Break it Down, Read & Respond, Quiz, and Lyric Lab), they have multiple encounters with these key vocabulary words (“exposures”). 

And by completing Flocabulary activities such as the Vocab Game, Vocab Cards, and quizzes in the Vocabulary subject area, students gain targeted practice opportunities with vocabulary words (“practice items”). Students’ word proficiency scores are calculated based on their scores on practice items.

You can see the total students practicing vocabulary, as well as the percentage of students who are showing high, medium, and low levels of proficiency overall. You can also view the breakdown of students’ proficiency within each subject. Hover over the bars to see the number of students with an overall score in each category and a list of the top words that are trending high, medium and low within each subject.

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Click on a subject to see subject-specific information about student word proficiency. Subjects for which no data exists will be grayed out. 

On the subject page, you will be able to see the total number of students practicing vocabulary and the percentage with high, medium, and low proficiency within that subject.

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Below, in the students view, you can see which students fall in each category, as well as their total number of word exposures, completed practice items, and average vocabulary score in that subject. Students listed as “Not Graded” have completed only practice items that have not been graded (Vocab Cards), while students in “No Practice Activity” have not completed any practice items for that subject.

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Toggle to “Words” to see subject proficiency data organized by word instead of student. Here, you’ll see the top 12 words in each proficiency category, showing you the words that most of the class comprehends well and those that most of the class is struggling with.

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Click back to the Overview to view detailed data about how each student is performing across subjects. 

Here, you can see each student’s total number of word exposures and completed practice items across subjects, as well as the percentage of words on which they are showing high, medium, and low proficiency and their average score on vocabulary. Sort the table alphabetically or by score.

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Click on a student’s name to see detailed information about their proficiency within each subject. Expand a subject to view the student’s top 12 words in each proficiency category.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who has access to vocabulary analytics? 

On Flocabulary Plus  accounts, teachers (both primary and co-teachers) have access to a vocabulary analytics dashboard for each of their classes.

How often is the data updated?

Data is updated hourly. If your dashboard data looks incorrect or out of date based on student activity, please check back in.

For what time period is the data shown?

Data is shown back to August 1, 2022, or the date that the class was created.

Is the data based on work that students have done both assigned and independently?

Data for a class is based on work that students have done as part of assignments for that class, excluding any work done for other classes or independently.

Available Now!

After reviewing vocabulary analytics data, teachers can assign personalized vocabulary practice sets to students to give them targeted practice on words they are struggling with. Each vocabulary practice set is personalized for the student’s needs, based on their word proficiency. To learn more about assigning vocab practice sets, click here.


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