Co-Teachers in Flocabulary


Co-Teachers in Flocabulary

With a Flocabulary Plus license, you can now add co-teachers to your classes on Flocabulary. Use this feature to more easily collaborate with your colleagues and differentiate to meet students’ needs. 

In this article we’ll cover the following:

NOTE: This feature is available to teachers with a school or district Flocabulary Plus license only. To learn more about our license types, click HERE.


What Co-Teachers Can Do in Flocabulary

More than one teacher can now manage a class in Flocabulary! Once added, co-teachers can:

  • View and manage the class details (turn Immersive Reader on and off, edit the class name, etc.)
  • Create and grade assignments for the class
  • Edit student usernames and passwords (if they are not managed through SSO)
  • View and present Flocabulary videos and activities front-of-class


How to Add Co-Teachers Through Google Classroom

If you imported your classes to Flocabulary from Google Classroom, co-teachers will also be added and removed through the Google Classroom sync.

To add a co-teacher, go to “My Classes” and then click “Import a Class.” You can also click “Add a Class” on the homepage. Select the class(es) that you previously imported to Flocabulary and re-import them. This will add your co-teachers from Google Classroom.


Or, click “Sync Roster” on the class card in “My Classes” or within the “Manage Class” tab of the class, and re-sync the roster for each class one by one. This will also add your co-teachers from Google Classroom.



You will then be able to view your co-teachers in the “Manage Class” tab.


To remove a co-teacher from Flocabulary, remove them from Google Classroom and re-sync that class roster.

NOTE: Once a class has been imported, in order to see the class on Flocabulary, co-teachers will need to sign into Flocabulary with an email that is on the class roster in Google Classroom. They will not be able to see it if they sign in with an email address different from the one on the Classroom roster.


How to Add Co-Teachers to Classes Created Directly on Flocabulary

If you created your class directly on Flocabulary, you can add co-teachers by emailing them an invitation to your class. 

Go to “My Classes” and click on the class you would like to add co-teachers to. Click “Invite Teachers” and input the email address of the teacher(s) you’d like to add. You can also import your Google contacts and select email(s). Click “Add Email” and “Send Invite.”



Your co-teacher will receive an email invitation to join your class. You will be able to see and remove any pending invites.


Once your co-teacher has completed the registration process, you will be able to view them in the “Manage Class” tab.


NOTE: When a co-teacher is invited to a class, they must complete the registration process using the email the invitation was sent to. The invitation expires in 7 days, at which point a new invitation must be sent.

To remove a co-teacher from Flocabulary, hover over their name and click the red “Remove” button. Once removed, the co-teacher will retain their Flocabulary account but will no longer have access to the class.


In classes created directly on Flocabulary, a co-teacher can invite other co-teachers, but they cannot remove the primary teacher (the teacher who first created the class) or other co-teachers. Only the primary teacher can remove teachers from a class


How to Add Co-Teachers Through Clever

If your school or district rosters with Clever, co-teachers will be added and removed via the Clever sync. Your co-teachers will see their classes upon login, and you will be able to view your co-teachers in the “Manage Class” tab.


How Co-Teachers Can View Their Classes

Co-teachers can view the classes they are co-teaching on the logged-in homepage and in “My Classes.” In “My Classes,” co-teachers will see a purple badge indicating that they are a co-teacher. 

All teachers can see the number of co-teachers in a class, in addition to the number of students.


Happy (co-)teaching!

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