Can I Integrate with Google Classroom?


Google Classroom is a learning platform that integrates with schools that use the Google Apps for Education (GAFE) ecosystem, and a lot of teachers have rosters of their students set up in Classroom already.


What Does This Mean for Me?

Instead of setting up classes in both Flocabulary and Google Classroom, teachers on school-wide subscriptions can now easily create accounts for all of their students, with no need for class codes! What’s more, students can then use Google Single Sign-On to access Flocab in the future.

This means no required account setup steps of your students, at all. Zip. Zilch. Nada. Ain’t that something?


How It Works

1. Go to the “My Classes” tab from the top navigation:


2. Select the green “Import Classes” button:


3. Stay with us, here: you’ll see two pop-ups appear (make sure pop-ups are enabled on your browser!). 

import-with-google-classroom.png google-classroom-modal-2.png
3a. From the pop-up with the list of emails, select the email address associated with your Google Classroom account:


3b. Then, grant Flocabulary permission to access your Google Classroom information:


4. Select the class(es) you’d like to import to Flocabulary and click “Submit”:


5. Give it a sec—when the import is complete, we’ll give you the green light (or, err, box):


6. Once the class has processed, close out of the window and, voilà! Your Google Class is now in Flocabulary:


Note: To sync your roster with Flocabulary again at any time, click the Sync Roster button on your class or in the Manage Class tab for that class.


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